Learn More About Pistol Braces That Evade Federal Restrictions on Short-Barreled Rifles

Stabilizing braces are devices that allow a shooter to convert an assault pistol (for example, AK and AR assault pistols) to a short-barreled assault rifle without complying with the strict standards of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). More>>

Learn More About Ghost Guns

The proliferation of untraceable ghost guns and other homemade firearms threatens to destroy the very fabric of federal gun laws. Gaps in federal law have helped create a huge demand for parts used to build homemade firearms, including those commonly known as ghost guns. More>>

Gun Industry and NRA Target Blacks and Latinos as First-Time Gun Owners and Future Pro-Gun Advocates, Violence Policy Center Study Details

In response to stagnation in the traditional white male market, the gun industry and NRA are now targeting Blacks and Latinos as potential new gun buyers according to a study from the VPC. More>>