Milwaukee Mass Shooter Reportedly Used Firearm Silencer

The gun lobby and firearms industry have made de-regulating silencers a priority despite clear evidence they pose a significant public safety risk as detailed in the VPC study Silencers: A Threat to Public Safety. More>>

More Than 1,350 Non-Self Defense Deaths Involving Concealed Carry Killers Since 2007, Latest VPC Research Shows

Innocent victims continue to die at the hands of private citizens with permits to carry concealed handguns, according to ongoing research from the VPC. Concealed handgun permit holders are responsible for at least 1,358 deaths not involving self defense since 2007, VPC research shows. More>>

Nearly 2,000 Women Murdered by Men in One Year, VPC Study Finds

Nearly 2,000 women were murdered by men in 2017 and the most common weapon used was a gun, according to the most recent edition of the VPC study When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2017 Homicide Data. Each year the VPC releases this report in advance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. More>>